Hello Friends!

My wife and I retired here from working and raising family in Illinois.  My wife spent 26 years in public education and I served a couple terms on a school board when my kids were in school. So when I heard there were some seats up for elections I wanted in. Why? If I’m honest I don’t want to ever again see what happened to Illinois public schools happen here. Many groups in America today are trying to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren into an Anti-God, Anti-America and Anti-Authority way of life that the founding fathers of our great country never envisioned. 

I spent 42 years as a railroad conductor and it taught me we need to know what is going on behind us, though the locomotive has passed and decisions made the results are still following us. We need to know where we are at real time so we can make decisions in time to affect the future course. Lastly we need to know what’s coming so we can react before it is too late. The School Board is much the same way. 

Where we have been

The school has been ever widening its reach into the home and community. Sometimes good things have happened other times not so much. School board members are only an authority when the board is in session and do not have gym priveledges or access to school facilities for personal use etc. Schools are for education and not indoctrination.

Where we are

Our overall scores are declining, no blame just fact. That needs to change. Parents have rights and should not be kept in the dark about decisions affecting their kids’ education. 

What is ahead

I will oppose Critical Race Theory under any name. I will oppose federal or state programs the coopt things detrimental to our students. I will oppose Comprehensive Sexuality Learning under any name. I will support academic excellence being the #1 measurement of district success. I will support parent’s right to know and CONSENT to counseling or treatment their child receives.